Linear bearing is a kind of economic and affordable mechanical transmission component for linear motion movement. The full name of linear bearing is called linear motion ball bearing, also be known as linear bushing, shaft guiding, linear slide etc.

Linear motion bearing consists of an outer cylinder, ball retainer, balls and two end rings.Retainer holds the steel balls and let the recirculating balls provide unlimited stroke at low friction movement.

Base on the standard type linear bearing, more kinds of linear bearings are developed such as open type linear bearing, adjustable type linear bearing, tandem type linear bearing, round flange type linear bearing, square flange type linear bearing, oval flange type liner bearing, pilot flange type linear bearing, center flange type linear bearing, aluminium sliding units etc.

Linear bearing has following features: 1) high precision and rigidity 2) ease of assembly 3) ease of replacement 4) variety of types 5) economic at affordable rate

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