The mounting methods of linear bearings

When inserting the linear bearing into the housing, don't hit the side rings(seals), but apply the cylinder circumference with a proper jig and push the linear bearing into the housing by hand or lightly knock it in. (See Fig.1) Then insert the precision linear shaft after linear bearing fully enter into the housing, do be careful not to shock the steel balls. In addition, please note that if two shafts are used in parallel, the parallelism is the most important factor to assure the smooth linear movement. Take care in setting the shafts.

The popular way to mount a linear bearing is to operate it with an appropriate interference. It is recommended, however, to make a loose fit in principle because otherwise precision is apt to be lower. The following examples(Fig.2 to Fig.6) show assembly of the inserted linear bearing in terms of designing and mounting, for reference.


Examples of mounting standard linear bearing(Fig.2,Fig.3,Fig.4), fixed by snap ring or plates.

Example of mounting adjustable linear bearing(Fig5)








Example of mounting open linear bearing(Fig6)

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