Applications of Linear Motion Bearings

ApplicationLinear bearing is a kind of economic and affordable mechanical transmission component. With the features of high precision and rigidity, low friction, ease of assembly, good interchangeability, various types, now it is more and more used in various linear motion applications, especially widely used in factory automation, industrial machines, CNC routers, electric tools, measuring instruments, etc. With the function of linear bearings, linear motion is so easy with smooth movement and high efficency.

Linear bearing is usually installed with a aluminium housing or a flange mount, in order to convenient the end users, aluminium sliding units and flanged type linear bearings are developed. Linear bearing shall fit with precision linear shaft, it can work horizontally or vertically in linear shaft direction, but rolling is forbidden which will shorten the bearing's life.

If the working environment is high temperture, shall select steel cage linear bearings;
if the working environment is dusty, dustproof cap shall be added to the bearing extrally;
if the working environment is corrosive, shall select the nickel plated linear bearings.

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