Product Description:

LM...UU standard type linear bearing is with metric dimension, widely used in Asia and other countries.

  • Bearing structure: consists of outer cylinder, retainer, balls, side seals;
  • Premium grade raw material: GCr15 bearing steel cylinder, G10 class precision ball, PA66 plastic retainer;
  • Cylinder metal body is heat treated and hardened to enhance to the rigidity and working life;
  • Both the inner bore and outer cylinder surface are ground several procedures to guarantee the precision;
  • Completely washed by the super sonic washing machine, pre-lubricated;
  • Main features: high precision and rigidity, low friction, ease of assembly and replacement, good interchangeability;
  • Good quality at affordable rates, price is very economic and nice;
  • Ideal transmission component for linear motion movement, widely used in CNC machines, factory automation, industrial machines, electric tools, textile machines, fitting equipment, etc.;
  • Wide size range for option, models including(special size has to be customized):
    LM3, LM4, LM5UU, LM6UU, LM8SUU, LM8UU, LM10UU, LM12UU, LM13UU, LM16UU, LM20UU, LM25UU, LM30UU, LM35UU, LM40UU, LM50UU, LM60UU, LM80UU, LM100UU, LM120UU, LM150UU, etc. 
  • Item is single packed in a plastic bag and then put in the paper box;

Product Drawing:

Product Specifications:

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